What you should know about mommy makeover

What you should know about mommy makeover

With the onset of pregnancy, some mental and physical changes begin with the effect of hormones. Mommy makeover is very supportive to mothers for negative physical changes that occur at this point.

What is a mommy makeover and why is it preferred?

Deterioration of skin elasticity, especially facial spots, cracks under the skin, increase in fat layer, growth first and then shrinkage and sagging due to breastfeeding, changes in the nipple, separation and hernia formation in the abdominal muscles, cracks and sagging in the abdominal skin also increased fat content in the waist area. Although this list is getting longer, most changes return within 6 months with the continuation of breastfeeding and the improvement of hormonal balance.

The most deformed regions during pregnancy are the breast, abdomen and waist region. Especially the tears in the muscles in the abdominal area and the sagging of the abdominal skin can be corrected by tummy tuck surgery. At the same time, most of the cracks in the abdominal skin are reduced by removing the sagging skin during surgery. During abdominoplasty, liposuction can be applied to the repair of abdominal muscles and hernias, and to the waist and back areas where fat deposits are high. The growth of the breasts with the effect of hormones and the sagging and shrinkage caused by the termination of breastfeeding cause serious deformation in the breasts. This deformity in the breasts causes serious morale in mothers. A solution can be found for these problems, which also occur with breast lift, breast augmentation and reduction surgeries.

How are the surgery and recovery processes?

Operations are performed either individually or in combination, under general anesthesia in operating room conditions. After the patients are followed up in the hospital for one night, the drains to be placed during the operation are removed the next morning and discharge is planned. In order to accelerate the recovery after discharge, it may need a rest period of 10-15 days at home. During this period, healthy nutrition and light exercises will speed up the recovery process.

The corsets worn after the surgery should be used for an average of 1 month. It takes 4-6 months for the scars to disappear and the body to take its final shape. Finally, remember that; Healthy individuals are raised only by mentally and physically healthy mothers.

Article:Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Nesrin Gumus Ozturkmen

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