What is Skinimalism? What You Need to Know About 2021’s Makeup Trend

What is Skinimalism?  What You Need to Know About 2021's Makeup Trend

Let’s face it, we all love to overdo it when it comes to skincare and makeup. We apply dozens of products on our shelves to our faces, one after another, when it comes to night care, day care and make-up. Then we see that we spent hours in front of the mirror. The reason for this is actually very simple: looking more beautiful. But what is the result? Weakened skin barrier, redness, irritation and even acne …

With the new year, it seems that these habits will gradually leave their place to simplify and rely more on our natural beauty. According to the Pinterest 2021 trend report, the beauty trend of the new year is now skinimalism. So what is this strange word? It’s actually a combination of the words skin and minimalism. In short, we can say that skin care is minimal. Our keywords are naturalness, simplicity and functionality. The aim of skinimalism is to highlight natural beauty and to capture imperfect perfection. It is very easy to achieve this.

Let’s start with skincare first and see how skinimalism is reflected in skincare. Skinimalism advises us to use products that offer these ingredients together instead of using dozens of products with different ingredients in skin care. For example, you can consider a skin care product that contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide ingredients together. In this way, by applying less product to your skin, you can protect your skin and save time and money. In addition, skinimalism is a trend that will please those who love skin care but are too lazy to do. Instead of dealing with face washing gel, tonic, different serums and moisturizers before going to bed at night, you can get the skin care you want in one or a few steps.

Let’s get to makeup. We can say goodbye to the foundations, concealers, powders and contours that do not reflect the truth that we put on top of each other to create a flawless skin appearance. Skinimalism offers you a make-up suggestion that does not mask your beauty, but reveals it and reflects the radiance of your skin. At the same time, it advocates a quick and practical make-up that does not tire your skin. Remember, our starting point is always less product, less application. For example, you can use an eyelash curler alone for your eyelashes. You can emphasize naturalness by choosing creamy and transparent products in your skin make-up. But even if we advocate few products, don’t forget moisturizer and sunscreen.

This new trend is beneficial not only to our skin but also to the environment. How Does? The damage to the environment is significantly reduced by preventing excessive consumption with fewer products and fewer applications. Therefore, by adopting this practical, inexpensive and sustainable maintenance trend, we also protect the environment. Multiple benefits at once, just like the products recommended by skinimalism.

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