Dyeing or cutting… Even the slightest change in hair style can seem huge to us. Especially considering our previous experiences, it can be understood why we are so careful about hair now. Maybe the dye can be undone, but haircuts are getting really radical. It has been an experience where we all say “Let’s just take it from the ends” and come out from the hairdresser with a hair at the level of our ears. Even celebrities!

While the bad experiences we have with haircuts take effect for a long time, it can have a much bigger ‘disaster’ effect on these celebrities. Think of it this way… You came out of the hairdresser with that cut you never wanted and the flashes of dozens of cameras went off while you burst into tears and then you sat on the agenda of the internet… Isn’t it frightening? That’s exactly what celebrities go through in their bad hair days, whether they want it or not.

Stars struggling with red carpet reviews, brutal Instagram comments, or paparazzi share the most regretful haircuts of their lives. Jennifer Aniston, who hates the ‘Rachel’ cut, which has taken an indispensable place in popular culture, or Kim Kardashian, who gave birth to a new hair trend, and her shiny bob cut… Contrary to our likes, many celebrities ‘hated’ their haircuts!

You can see the regrets of 10 celebrities in the photo gallery.

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