The appeal of messy hair

The appeal of messy hair

Although the weather does not say that, we have entered the autumn season! While 2020 is perhaps the most uncertain year of our lives, there are still some things we can count on. Just like every season, new trends (despite everything) continue to emerge. When a new season comes, our inner desire to try an irresistible new hairstyle may be nudging you these days too! When we talk about Lady Gaga’s pastel blue hair, Dua Lipa’s and Kaia Gerber’s pink hairstyles, whenever we go to the phone, we see a celebrity’s hair change. If you want to do a hair change but are not ready to change the color of your hair, then you can check out Autumn 2020’s cutting trends!

The cuts, which determine the hair styles of the coming months, are inspired by both the Autumn 2020 fashion shows and the needs of the quarantine period. We can say that ‘bed-head’ is a trend, while much more comfortable and unnecessary cuts are preferred due to the pandemic. You don’t have to go to the hairdresser all the time or try to straighten your hair for hours in the mornings in 2020, when we see haircuts where you can really say “I woke up like this”. Haircuts that turn your head to the 70’s with elongated bangs, on the other hand, prevent you from dealing with fringe cuts again and again.

One of the most important factors when choosing a new cut is whether you can use this style naturally. We are sure that you do not want to spend time stylizing your hair for a long time, especially during this period. You can spend the season quite comfortably with a hairstyle that will adapt to your waves, curly hair or fine hair. While the straight ‘glass hair’ trend we have seen in the past years is lagging behind, this season we see that natural waves, messy cuts and slightly fluffy styles stand out.

You can examine 5 haircut trends of Autumn 2020, inspired by celebrities’ hair changes and Autumn 2020 fashion shows, on the photo gallery …

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