As a result of the increased calorie need in the winter months, as well as the effect of hiding behind thick clothes, we start to gain weight. In these months, with the cooling of the weather, sugary and fatty eating habits are easily returned. Dietician Mahir Tekgöz shared very valuable information about winter detox for everyone who does not want to gain weight during the winter months and wants to say goodbye to their excess weight this winter.

The most effective method to lose weight, get rid of edema and purify the body from toxins is detox applications. These applications, which are an important supporter in the weight loss process, also make it possible to obtain important benefits in terms of health by providing purification.

What is a Winter Detox?

Detoxes that can be applied easily in winter and are mainly used for winter vegetables and fruits are called ‘winter detox’. The main reason for choosing detox ingredients suitable for all seasons is that detox applications reach their real goal by using naturally grown products on time. Detox drinks prepared as a result of obtaining the juice of organic fruits and vegetables by cold pressing techniques provide a great support for those who want to lose weight and also help to remove toxins from the body.

Benefits of Detox Applications

It is possible to say that detox has many benefits. The three most common benefits of these applications are that they support weight loss, accelerate edema and purify the body. However, the benefits of detox treatments are not limited to these. Thanks to regular and, of course, expert detox practices, benefits such as regulating the digestive system, strengthening the immune system and increasing energy can be achieved. In addition, detox applications are recommended to have a brighter and healthier skin and to ensure that the hair is lush and strong.

It is possible to lose weight in a comfortable and healthy way with a personalized winter detox and diet program. While losing weight, on the one hand, the reflection of other benefits of detox on the body causes a serious change in the appearance of people. In this way, the increase in the self-confidence of the people and the development in their belief that they will succeed is reflected in the weight loss process and turns into an important source of motivation.

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