How Should the Nutrition After the New Year Be? January 1 Nutrition Recommendations

How Should the Nutrition After the New Year Be?  January 1 Nutrition Recommendations

On New Year’s Eve, the table gets richer, the variety of food increases, and the consumption of sweets, nuts and alcohol may be in question; but of course it is possible to make up for the evasions we made. Since it takes 24 hours for the energy taken to turn into fat in the body, we can prevent the excess calories we received in the previous evening from returning to us in weight by paying attention to our nutrition on the first day of the new year.

First of all, do not spend the next day sleeping late, even though you went to bed late. Otherwise, the release of cortisol hormone increases, your blood sugar rises and fat storage increases.


When you wake up on the morning of January 1, your first thing should be to drink a large glass of water. The water you will drink when you wake up helps cleanse the body of toxins after the high-fat, sugary foods you consumed the previous evening. If there is no discomfort in your stomach, you can squeeze a little lemon into the water or add 1 teaspoon of organic vinegar.


Even if you wake up late, don’t skip breakfast; however, avoid a heavy breakfast consisting of fatty and salty foods such as pastries, pastries, bagels, salami-sausage-sausage. You can start with a light breakfast consisting of yogurt, oats and fruit.

Do not make the mistake of starving yourself all day by thinking “I already ate too much last night, I shouldn’t eat anything today”. Instead, try to spend the first few days of the year light and eat a fruit-vegetable diet. The less you eat, the more your metabolism will slow down if you skip meals and stay hungry. Keep your metabolism alive with small snacks consisting of dairy products and seasonal fruits without skipping main meals.


Your goal on the day after New Year’s Eve is to help your body cleanse from toxins instead of filling your stomach. For example, you can drink a smoothie for lunch to help you get rid of edema; For dinner, you can choose a vegetable soup rich in vitamins and minerals, prepared with a wide variety of vegetables (celery, celery stalk, cabbage, parsley, dill, carrot, onion), bulgur and spices.

*** To prepare a Detox Smoothie, add a bowl of your favorite greens (spinach, sorrel, parsley, fresh mint, cress, arugula) into the blender, add 2 tablespoons of probiotic yogurt or homemade yogurt, add 1 cup of brewed green tea, and finally Add the fruit you want, the juice of half a lemon and a small piece of fresh ginger and blend it.

Avoid food left over from New Year’s Eve on January 1st, caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee, sugar, alcohol, carbonated drinks, fries and fatty foods. Reduce your salt consumption and try not to consume high-salt foods such as olives, pickles and sausage. Limit your carbohydrate intake. Try not to eat dessert for a day or two, considering the nuts and high-carbohydrate foods you consume on New Year’s Eve, and if you need dessert, get support from dried fruits.


Make sure to increase your water consumption in order to detoxify the body and remove edema. Try to drink 12-15 glasses of water instead of 8-10 glasses. You can support your liquid consumption with green tea and mineral water. Consumption of too many kinds and fatty foods on New Year’s Eve may cause health problems such as nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea. Fennel, ginger and anise tea will be a good choice to relax your stomach. If you have a headache, consume herbal teas like chamomile and lemon balm.


We have to be physically active the next day so that the high-calorie foods and beverages we consume by sitting at the tables until late hours on New Year’s Eve do not cause us to gain weight. Since there is a curfew this year, we have to do the exercise in our homes. You can use the videos on the internet for this; You can easily apply the movements demonstrated by sports trainings in front of the screen, dance, jump rope and exercise your muscles with small weights such as a water bottle at home. Exercising will also make you feel more energetic and better on the first day of the year.


Late breakfast:

2 spoons of oatmeal

1 portion of fruit (1 slice of pineapple or 1 kiwi)

1 bowl of milk or yogurt

2 walnuts or 8 almonds


2 slices of cheese

1 slice of brown bread

Plenty of parsley – dill – fresh mint – butter – arugula + lemon + 1 spoon of olive oil


Herbal tea (unsweetened)


Detox Smoothie


Baked / grilled / boiled / roasted vegetables (unlimited)

1 bowl of yoghurt / tzatziki

1 slice of brown bread


1 serving of fruit (1 green apple or 1 medium pomegranate)

1 glass of milk or kefir


Ball salad

Vegetable soup (unlimited)

1 bowl of yoghurt / tzatziki

1 slice of brown bread


Ball salad

Grilled or baked fish


4 tablespoons of boiled legumes (chickpeas, green lentils) + 2 spoons of curd cheese + 1 spoon of olive oil in a rich green salad


Herbal tea (without sugar)

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