Our feet, bearing all the weight of our body, may be our most painful organs. Imagine if you were carrying 50-60kg or more on your back every day, every moment, you would throw a towel in less than five minutes. But our feet carry this burden for a lifetime. It is possible to pamper and comfort them without forgetting how our feet are crushed under a heavy load. Here are five top tips for healthy and beautiful feet.

1. Hot water therapy

Before starting foot care, it is important to soften the skin of the feet thoroughly. Therefore, regularly moisturizing the skin of the feet, which is the most dry part of the body, and caring it with moisturizing creams should be normal in your life. However, before starting this daily routine, it may be beneficial to keep your feet in warm water for 5 minutes while taking a shower or resting in the evening. But here’s an important tip. The water should be warm, not hot, because hot water is a weary external factor that ages the skin, and it would be beneficial to rest your feet with lukewarm water, not hot water.

2.Heel care

The most worn part of our feet, which carry their weight all day, is our heels. Due to the intense load on our heel, this leather quickly hardens, cracks and dries. Gently rub the dead skin on the heel with a pumice stone or heel file. Then, well cream your heels and feet with a moisturizing, softening cream.

3.Choose the right shoes

Shoes are also an important part of foot care. Yes, we are used to choosing our shoes by considering our clothes, our clothes, our style, but we have to add foot health to this. Shoes that hit the heel, squeeze the toes, make the feet sweaty but do not breathe, quickly wear the foot. Also, wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong job will damage your feet. If you take long walks in high-heeled shoes, you may soon become a regular of orthopedists. To choose the right shoes, check out the shoe sections of Hepsiburada.com and women sneakers, female shoe, heeled shoes We recommend that you choose the shoes that suit you among the models.

4. Peeling for feet

Not only heel care, you should relax every part of your foot with peeling, remove the dead skin on it and let your foot skin breathe. You can even feel that you are reinventing your feet, especially when you care for the hardened skin under your toes.

5.No foot without a pedicure

Pedicure makes the feet look beautiful and is an important application for foot health. You shouldn’t see the pedicure just as an aesthetic intervention. It is as important to cut and shorten the nails without cutting the cuticles, softening and pushing them with a brush. Because when cuticles are cut, there is a risk of getting germs and they tend to grow more than before.

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